OUR expertise

Creative Office

Kathryn is a pioneer in the creative office movement, with one of her earliest projects being the interior design of the Hanna Barbera Productions campus, and has completed numerous successful creative office projects for entertainment and technology companies. We understand that while branding and image is critical to the success of the project, the functional goals of the project are always considered and adhered to.

Historic Renovation

Whether it is mid-century modern or turn of the century, we enjoy the challenge and process of carefully restoring iconic structures. We are currently working on the renovation of a 14 story tower in the core of Downtown Los Angeles in the  Broadway District.

Private Home Design

We don't have a style, you do. We have extensive experience working with our clients to create a home that reflects their personality and lifestyle. Our approach to residential interior design is unique, as we work very closely from the beginning of the project to determine the needs, aesthetic, functional and budgetary, and then lead the client to make the decisions along the way to realize their dream. 

Professional Services Firms

Our approach to interior design for law firms, accounting firms and engineering firms has been honed over the years. We begin with the project stakeholders setting the tone for the project, and then set the process in motion to gather the data required to assess the current needs, and project future needs. The end result is a one of a kind solution tailored to the needs of each client's work flow and image. 

Boutique Retail Stores

With retail and showroom interior design, we understand the biggest challenge is in getting the customers in the door and keeping them there long enough to make a connection and gain a new repeat customer. We have designed single location boutiques, as well as developed branding and retail roll-out for large retail clients. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to reinforce your brand and bring new customers through the door.

Restaurant and Hospitality

We enjoy creating spaces for people to relax and enjoy each other's company, and would love to talk with you about your upcoming interior design needs for  a new resturaurant or boutique hotel project,

Academic Projects

We have provided interior design services to several universities throughout the years to help them grow and evolve with the changing needs of the students. We have developed detailed space programming analyses of current and future growth for departments and classroom structures, and have then turned those plans into reality.